How to only spend $34.99 and gain 64GB of storage space for your Macbook July 3, 2015 13:34

Can you use an extra 64GB of storage space? How about 128GB or even 256GB?

We invented something cool, and you can add up to 256GB of storage to your Macbook instantaneously! We call this invention the Ninja Stealth Drive, a Micro SD card adapter designed with furnished aluminum.

Hi, we are Baseqi Designs. A group of Macintosh fanatics who invent stylish and original accessories for Apple lovers. Being Apple fanatic ourselves, we know Macintosh users look for elegant designs that are practical and easy to use.

Let me tell you a story that happened to myself. I love Apple Macbooks, the aluminum design looks classy and the softwares are very user friendly. I would bring my Macbook to everywhere I go, coffee shops, vacation spots, offices, you name it. I save all of my important files such as diary, pictures and work related files, all on my Macbook.

One morning, my Macbook CANNOT be turned on. It broke.

I was devastated because I have a meeting to attend and my excel file is saved onto my hard disk drive. I stayed up till 3 am working on these files and now I can't access it. I can probably take my Macbook to Apple store and get my computer fixed, but I have an important meeting and I have an urgent need for my excel file!

I ended up cancelling my important meeting and my boss was quite upset at me. I took my Macbook to the Apple store the next day. They said it would be too expensive to fix my computer and the clerk said its better to purchase a new one since my Macbook was 4 years old.

I needed the data in my Hard Drive and fortunately the clerk was able to open my Macbook and take my hard drive out. I was able to retrieved all my data on there after 5 days but I had to pay $50 for the service

I do NOT want to experience this terrible problem again and I started to research online. SD card seems like a good solution, a 64GB or 128GB SD card is priced reasonably. They are also easy to carry and extremely durable! However, there are several problems, first they stick out of my Macbook and they look very ugly. Second, I have to eject the disk properly on OSX and physically pull the SD card out. Therefore, I went on and search for other options.

Finally, I found a hidden Micro SD card adapter that is made out of aluminum. This is great! It seemed like a perfect solution for me. I can purchase a 128GB micro SD card and place it into this adapter, then I will stick this adapter into my Macbook to gain 128 GB of extra storage space. 

But if this adapter does NOT protrude out of the computer, how would I take it out? It ends up that I have to use their special hook in order to take the aluminum adapter out. Who wants to use a hook? I don't want to carry a hook around daily, plus they can easily be lost. If the hook is lost, you will get stuck with half-broken SD drive! On top of these problems, this product is priced at $39.99, quite pricy for a micro SD card adapter.

Being Apple fanatic and an inventor, I wanted to create a hidden adapter that is 100% flush with my Macbook. I wanted to invent an easy method to take this hidden adapter out. I wanted to be able to take it out by a hand, not by a hook.

We spent 2 years looking for a proper solution and we finally found it. We created a special design by the edge of this aluminum adapter so the users can pull the adapter out with their fingernails. We quickly patented this design and put the final prototype into production. After years of work, we finally developed an aluminum micro SD card adapter that is 100% hidden within your computer. We call this brand new invention the Ninja Stealth Drive!

You can now backup all of your files onto your Ninja Stealth Drive. Simply place any kind of micro SD card in the adapter and insert it into your computer. You will gain up to 128GB of storage space, and you can start saving files on there right away. Simply leave the Ninja Stealth Drive in your Macbook since it has 0% protrusions. The silver aluminum edge blends the adapter perfectly into your Macbook. You have just gained 128GB of storage space without taking your Macbook apart! If you ever need to remove the adapter, simply pick it out with your fingernails.

We priced this unique Ninja Stealth Drive at $24.99, which is $15 cheaper than its competitor on the market! I purchased a 64GB micro SD card on amazon and it only costed $9.99 shipping included. Together I only spent a total of $34.98 and gained 64GB of storage space on my Macbook! If you have a slightly bigger budget, you can purchase micro SD card made by famous brands such as Samsung, Transcend or Sandisk. They probably have better quality and are priced around $19.99 on amazon.

This product has the highest quality and the best design, yet it has an unbelievable discounted price. The speed of our Ninja Stealth Drive varies, depending on the speed of your micro SD card. So whether its Samsung, Transcend or Sandisk, the 100% Ninja Stealth Drive designed for Macbook is perfect add-on for any type of Macbook users!

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