About Us

BaseQi team is a group of talent designers and entrepreneurs, whom grew up in the United States and currently headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan.

We have actually never planned to start a business. Back in 2012, we were merely a bunch of die hard Mac fans whom wanted to create inventions that solved our own problems. All of our team members were experienced engineers worked out of various world-class technology firms.

Ninja Stealth Drive was the first project that brought everyone together. We loved the idea of a hidden MicroSD adapter, and we wanted to make it better. We tried and tested numerous designs before coming out with the final prototype. Everyone on the team absolutely fell in love with the product. It is only a small piece of accessory, yet we can picture every Macbook fans using and loving this invention. 

We tested the market and received astonishing results immediately. That was the moment when we decided to incorporate a company that will design and craft more elegant accessories that fits people’s need. Our company officially started in 2013. Since then, we have fans purchasing our products from all over the world. 

Our belief and mission will never change. We will continue to invent stylish technology accessories and gadgets for fans around the world. We plan to launch 1~2 new inventions per year. If you are a believer like us, feel free to join the email list and we will send you cool updates about our upcoming inventions!

Give us your love at service@baseqi.com or sasha.lo@baseqi.com  or peter.hsu@baseqi.com anytime!