Ninja Stealth Drive 128GB (Comes with 128GB of in-built memory Storage Capacity)

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Looking for extra memory storage Capacity?

Ninja Stealth Drive 128GB is an aluminum SD card that fits 100% within your Macbook without any awkward protrusions.

The drive has 128GB of in-built memory storage capacity, you do NOT have to purchase additional memory cards. Simply place Ninja Stealth Drive 128 GB into your Macbook and gain 128GB of extra storage space for your computer instantaneously.

How is this product different from the regular Ninja Stealth Drive with MSRP of $39.99? 

The regular Ninja Stealth Drive is only an adapter. It does NOT come with any memory storage capacity. You will have to purchase an additional micro SD card and insert it into the regular Ninja Stealth Drive in order to use it. 

On the other hand, Ninja Stealth Drive 128GB comes with 128GB of in-built memory storage capacity. You don't need to purchase a seperate micro SD card. Simply insert into your computer and start using it right away. 

Ninja Stealth Drive has a fast reading & writing speed!

The reading and writing speed of Ninja Stealth Drive 128GB is 99MB/s and 90MB/s respectively. This is faster than most of the SD drives on the market. 

What is so special about Ninja Stealth Drive 128GB?

  1. Provide more disk space - Feel like you never have enough disk space on Macbook? Ninja Stealth Drive 128GB is designed to become that extra and permanent disk space for your Macbook. 
  2. The exterior is made out of polished aluminum - That is the exact same material and color as your Macbook. Ninja Stealth Drive 128GB is designed to camouflage and blend in perfectly with your Macbook.
  3. It is almost physically indestructible - Ninja Stealth Drive is a SAFE secondary drive. We suggest users to back up all of their important files on there. If your Macbook ever breaks, you can remove the Ninja Stealth Drive anytime and have access to these important files!
  4. Sits 100% flush and hidden within your Macbook -  Our Ninja Stealth Drive fits perfectly into your Macbook with ZERO protrusions. Who wants a SD card that protrudes out from your computer anyway? This is an UNIQUE product in the entire world.
  5. Easy to physically pull out - This Drive sits 100% into your Macbook, so how do you take it out? We designed a special ditch on the edge of the Ninja Stealth Drive 128GB, you can pull it out easily with your fingernails. We have a patent to this design so that means you CANNOT find a similar product anywhere else.

How do I use it?

  1. Insert your Ninja Stealth Drive 128GB into your MacBook. 
  2. A new disk icon will show up on your OSX desktop and you can use this new disk as a secondary drive and storage space. 
  3. Congratulations! You now have extra 128GB as secondary disk space. You may place your photos, movies and other important files into this new drive!

We are Macintosh fanatics ourselves, and we know Apple fans only want top quality products. At Baseqi Designs, our mission is to create unbelievable products at cutting-edge prices!

So be sure to buy a Ninja Stealth Drive 128GB today!

There are 4 different models created for all models of Macbook. If you aren’t sure about how to identify your Macbook’s model, click on the “How to identify Macbook pro models” link below!

Model Compatible with (How to identify MacBook Pro models)

All MacBook Air 13”,

MacBook Pro 13" (non-retina, before Mid 2012),

MacBook Pro 15" (non-retina, before Mid 2012)

 iSDM303MSV All MacBook Pro Retina 13”
 iSDM503MSV MacBook Pro Retina 15” (Mid 2012, Early 2013)
 iSDM504MSV MacBook Pro Retina 15” (Late 2013, Mid 2014 and after)


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