BaseQi 420A MicroSD adapter for Macbook pro M1 2021 / M2 2022 / M3 2023 14" & 16"

$44.99 USD

The all new design!

The new design support UHS-II connector and PCB. The new mold and gold plated let 420A run even faster in a smaller space. Because UHS-II has more connect part so make 420A become stronger especially the shell part to decrease the damage from it.

It is design for both 14" and 16" Macbook Pro 2021/2022

What exactly is a Ninja Stealth Drive?

It's an aluminum micro SD card adapter that fits 100% within your Macbook without any awkward protrusions. You can place a micro SD card into this adapter and gain up to 2T(SD Spec.) of extra storage space for your computer.

For example, if you place a micro SD card into your Ninja Stealth Drive, then you will get extra disk space on your Macbook. The read and write speed for each brand of micro SD card varies, you can pick your favorite brand and use it with your Ninja Stealth Drive.

Nice isn't it? Your computer now has extra storage space! (If you use a 1TB micro SD card, then you will get 1TB of extra space!)

Applicable models

2021 Macbook Pro 14" (A2442)
      🔶Model Identifier: MacBookPro18,3, MacBookPro18,4
      🔶Part Numbers: MKGP3xx/A, MKGQ3xx/A, MKGR3xx/A, MKGT3xx/A
2021 Macbook Pro 16" (A2485)
      🔶Model Identifier: MacBookPro18,1, MacBookPro18,2
      🔶Part Numbers: MK183xx/A, MK193xx/A, MK1A3xx/A, MK1E3xx/A, MK1F3xx/A, MK1H3xx/A


We also provide HDMI dust plug (aluminum) options for you to choice!

      🔶SKU number is 420AHS and 420AHG!

✅ All Adapter needs to be used with microSD (TF), ⚠️No capacity inside⚠️

✅ Must be used with microSD (TF).

✅ Support commercially available UHS-I, UHS-II microSD (TF), the capacity can up to 2TB